I am currently working for SolarisBank as a senior ruby developer in the team responsible for identification. This entails writing ruby services interfacing with our internal system, external providers, and customer-facing API.

DaWanda Website November 2017


I worked as a backend engineer at DaWanda in Berlin. I was working in their mobile team, responsible for the mobile-facing API, porting of features from the legacy platform, and general backend development.

DaWanda Website December 2016


At cubits I was working on their ruby microservice application. This meant both client-facing and deep backend, and involved primarily Ruby, RabbitMQ, and Docker.

Cubits Website April 2016


I'm have currently been working for autobutler for two years, working our web-app and API across four contries. My day to day work touches a variety of projects, primarily in ruby, but occationally in javascript frameworks (angular and react), and lately a bit of elixir. Being on a team of around 10 developers, I usually take part in all the steps from design to production on the projects I'm involved in, as well as doing day-to-day bugfixing and maintaining.

Autobutler Website Febuary 2014

Lasertech A/S

While I was studying, I worked for the industrial laser-cutting company Lasertech. I was working up upgrading a Rails 2 intranet application to Rails 4, rewriting things along the way, and fixing and improving the system. I initially was working on this alone, but in last half year taught a junior developer.

Lasertech website (Danish)

(I did not work on the website)

July 2013


While studying, I spend a year working for the Technical University of Denmark's Interactive Library. This was primarily Rails, exposing a massive dataset. I also touched upon XSLT while working here.

DTU's Library site (Danish) October 2012

Technical University of Denmark

I studied for a bachelor in software engineering, but left for fulltime work after two years.

September 2012