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Conductive Tech

Fri, Mar 10, 2023

When I'm in a hacky mood, there are two situations you're generally likely to find me in: either I'm building something as fast as I can, or I'm trying out something new to figure out if it's going to enable me to build something faster, or in a more fun or interesting way.

I find that there are two main dimensions I care about when trying out new stuff:



Ultimately, the balance of those things determine how conductive the tech is to manifesting ideas. And that's why I figured I'd try to get into the habit of evaluating for myself how conductive tech is, rather than instinctively making decisions based on only one of the dimensions.

Obviously, both those metrics are super subjective, and that's fine because the index is for myself. What is counterintuitive to me might be super obvious to you. I don't think we can or should bother overcoming that.

So, the tech I've run into lately, and how conductive it's felt on a scale from 1 to 10:

Tauri: 6

Node-red: 8

Lively Kernel: 3

Huginn: 3

11ty: 7

Stable Diffusion: 5