If I remember correctly...

Stripe - 2021-2022

Software Engineer | Ruby + Java

At Stripe I work on EMEA-based BNPL payments, focusing on ensuring that local customers in EMEA always have their prefered payment method available.

Solarisbank - 2017-2021

Staff Engineer | Ruby

At Solaris I grew into tech leadership - working with a team of great engineers, we created the Identity pillar of the business, creating identification systems, services and products AML, data retention, and other things around Master Data management.

DaWanda - 2016-2017

Seninor Software Engineer | Ruby

DaWanda was a marketplace akin to Etsy, that used to be big in Germany before going out of business. I worked there as a backend engineer. I was in their mobile team, responsible for the mobile-facing API, porting of features from the legacy platform, and general backend development.

Cubits - 2016-2016

Software Engineer | Ruby

Cubits was a small startup of just 9 people, running a working bitcoin payment gateway and wallet/exchange. I was working on their ruby microservice application, one of two developers. This meant both client-facing and deep backend, and involved primarily Ruby, RabbitMQ, and Docker.

Autobutler - 2014-2016

Software Engineer | Ruby / Rails

Autobutler is a marketplace for car repair gigs that helps car-owners get fair prices and higher quality repairs. I worked as a back-end focused full-stack rails developer, doing everything from convertion rate optimization projects to launching new features and re-designs. It was during my time here that I moved from Copenhagen to Berlin.

Lasertech - 2013-2014

Software Engineer | Ruby / Rails

While I was studying, I worked for the industrial laser-cutting company Lasertech. I was working up upgrading a Rails 2 intranet application to Rails 4, rewriting things along the way, and fixing and improving the system. I initially was working on this alone, but in last half year taught a junior developer.

DTU's Interactive Library - 2012-2013

Student Developer | Ruby / Rails

While studying, I spend a year working for the Technical University of Denmark's Interactive Library. This was primarily Rails, exposing a massive dataset. I also got to know XSLT and a bit of Solr while working here.